Leaders and Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Leaders and Emotional Intelligence (EI)

Employees are the organization’s crucial part, and emotions automatically arise at the workplace. The workplace is a packed room full of performance and emotions as the emotions themselves act as a critical motivator for an employee. Therefore, work-life balance takes the premier position as the impact of the feelings on the performance and efficiency of the employee. Hence the organizations seek emotionally intelligent leaders. The dynamic changes in the workplace are influenced by globalization, and the workforce worldwide works under a roof. The workplace is highly sensitized as the young professionals are more in number and the emotional intelligence.

The influence of COVID-19 is even more critical as different cultures come together virtually and perform together for team effectiveness.

Emotional intelligence is the capacity to detect and comprehend one’s own and others’ feelings and emotions and how to use that information to manage emotions and relationships.

Daniel Goleman proposed four crucial aspects of EI:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Management
  • Social Awareness
  • Relationship Management or Social Skills

Because subordinates expect affection and care from their bosses, emotional intelligence is critical. Working closely with management, an assistant would expect the boss to know his circumstances and priorities. And, predictably, whether or not the manager doing so impacts his degree of commitment and performance at work.

Feedback must be presented when conducting reviews and growth discussions. The leader must be aware of the uncertainties and fears of their subordinates, which are sometimes expressed and sometimes kept hidden.

As a result, a leader must brush up on his people skills and emotional intelligence to attract and retain brilliant subordinates and keep them motivated. Not everyone is born with the charisma to hold people’s attention.


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