Inspiring Employees, Building Futures | Jessica Loomis, MLIS

Inspiring Employees, Building Futures | Jessica Loomis, MLIS

Jessica Loomis, MLIS

CEO & Founder, Infinity Insurance Partners

For Jessica Loomis, MLIS, CEO & Founder of Infinity Insurance Partners, working with large commercial brokers, she realized that her clients were getting a service she could provide in an enhanced manner. She offered the benefits that more prominent organizations needed to operate their business. She wanted to be an essential resource for them to add to their productivity and make them whole. As a strong leader in the insurance industry, Jessica has recognized the need for Technology, Exclusive Risk Management Services, and Client Support that is unparalleled for business owners.  Infinity Insurance Partners provides hands-on safety training, train the trainer, as well as online safety and HR services to address clients’ ongoing needs in their day-to-day operations. Business Owners are constantly on the go, and that is why Infinity Insurance Partners provides the client with online access to policies, certificates of insurance, and the ability to make changes to the organization’s insurance policies.  This is all coupled with a TEAM of phenomenal Insurance industry experts that provide client support.

The road was not always a bed of roses for Jessica. “Being a single parent and starting a new business where not many people want to invest in your ideas unless you have proven yourself taught me that the struggle is real!

I came from a small town in New Mexico where struggle was all around me growing up. Yes, I have faced many challenges as a woman from sexual harassment in the workplace to being turned down for a position because I was a single mom.  It has molded me into what I am.  I have discovered ways to go around the roadblock if I can’t get through it.”

Jessica has not only been a true inspiration to women but everyone, including her male counterparts. The steadfast leader does not end with being successful but instead constantly striving towards making yourself better and enhancing your skills and capabilities. She strongly advises everyone around her, including those whom she mentors, that if one is determined to develop their careers or lives or anything that they aim for, they not only have to work hard for the same, but they have to stick with it, nurture it, work towards the goal and not let the feeling of quitting over-power. Because there will be a lot of struggles in life, but those who can overpower them and yet stay true to their mission are the ones who will be able to make a name for themselves. Jessica strongly sticks by her own words and works every day towards bettering herself alongside guiding her team of talented professionals towards newer heights.

The innovative leader takes inspiration from everyday life and all those around her to nurture herself and her career. She sees her hard-working team come in and work diligently, striving towards being productive. She witnesses her coworkers brainstorm for ideas and come up with innovative solutions. She sees how every individual contributes to the company’s productivity uniquely. These all collectively inspire her to surge ahead, no matter how many hardships are in the path. Jessica also seeks encouragement from her family and friends who have been supportive of her ideas and her ventures, who have guided her towards the right path, have always stood next to her and helped her in hard times. Finally, Jessica takes inspiration from the other leaders, entrepreneurs, and CEOs who surround her in ways of leading the company and teams. She combines the lessons she learns from every one of the individuals she comes across and adapts to the positive aspect of her life.

For Jessica, it is all about people because she believes that people matter. When she started identifying her actual value, she understood that becoming a better listener, which she pursued; allowed her to become a better leader.  She became a strong leader, constantly helping people and mentoring the people around her, her team, or those who approach her. She makes it a point to encourage people and show them the light at the end of the tunnel, clarifying their doubts and inspiring them in the best way. Jessica has been termed a fantastic manager and an innovative entrepreneur because she can give individual attention and a comfort zone where they can once again find themselves and their true potential. She ensures that the employee’s voices are heard every step of the way because employees mirror the organization as they reflect how the company is functioning. She says, “Everyone has roadblocks. It’s how you handle them that defines whether you will be successful.  You are a power to be reckoned with. Use it to your advantage.”

Jessica is also a part of a great organization called Entrepreneurs Organization that supports women and men entrepreneurs in their organization’s growth and leadership. Within that organization Jessica Loomis Mentors and Coaches other Entrepreneurs to assist them in reaching their goals. She works with small businesses to help them achieve their goals and teaches them how to retain their employees in the best way possible. But she leads by example, as Infinity Insurance Partners appreciate their employees and keep communication open so that the employees can speak up if they have any issues. “I make sure we use a lot of tools that help us make better decisions as leaders by listening to the employees closely.”

Customer service and accountability are areas of importance for Jessica. Through Infinity Insurance Partners, she wants to ensure that the lack of both good customer service and accountability was disappointing. She wanted the customers to know they were cared for, and through her company, she ensures the same is maintained. “We strive to provide top-notch service, accountability, and resources that you can’t get anywhere else.” The appreciation and loyalty of clients are a considerable achievement for Infinity Insurance Partners. “To know that our clients appreciate what we do and know that they are getting the service that they deserve is what keeps us going every day.” For the days to come, Jessica and her team are focusing on Technology. “We want to go digital! Marketing, Resources, and Technology. We want to better serve our clients as we move forward into this digital age.”

Jessica Loomis, MLIS Award

“There will be a lot of struggles in life, but those who can overpower them and yet stay true to their mission are the ones who will be able to make a name for themselves.”

Jessica Loomis, MLIS

CEO & Founder, Infinity Insurance Partners

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