General Motors could bring back Hummer as an electric SUV after completing nearly 90,000

General Motors could bring back Hummer as an electric SUV

September 23, 2022:-On Wednesday, General Motors will close reservations for its electric GMC Hummer pickup and the forthcoming GMC Hummer SUV after exceeding 90,000 vehicles have been reserved, the company said.

Closing the reservations is a way for the automaker to attempt to fulfill the current list of reserved vehicles, rising to at least 2024. The number of reservations is notable as the starting prices of the cars range from roughly $85,000 to $111,000.

GM said it plans to close reservations for both vehicles starting on Thursday. Anyone wanting to reserve one of the electric trucks must do so by the end of Wednesday.

GM has been slowly ramping up production of the Hummer EV pickup since this year. As of June, the company had sold less than 400 vehicles. The SUV version is anticipated to arrive to dealers and customers in early 2023.

Duncan Aldred, global head of GMC, said production of the SUV should happen more quickly than the pickup, which was the initial consumer vehicle to feature GM’s coming-generation Ultium batteries and vehicle platform.

“We knew it would be a slow ramp. But next year, when you look at the calendar year, I think you’ll see a normalized year,” he told CNBC last week at the Detroit auto show. “When we produce SUVs, that should get into stride right away. Next year is a big year for both truck and SUV for Hummer EV.”

GM’s decision tracks Ford Motor shutting down reservations for its electric F-150 Lightning pickup after hitting around 200,000 units. It also had shut down uneasiness for the electric Mustang Mach-E crossover, but they have since reopened.

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