FBI is examining damaging activities against administrators in Fulton County, Georgia

September 18, 2023: FBI is examining damaging activities against administrators in Fulton County, Georgia, the agency said in a Thursday statement.

The FBI stated that it is working with the Fulton County Sheriff’s Office but declined to examine details of continuing investigations.

“Every potential threat brought to our attention is taken seriously,” the FBI said. “Individuals found responsible for making threats violating state and federal laws will be prosecuted.”

Former President Donald Trump and 18 codefendants were indicted in Fulton County in August for a litany of alleged crimes related to their efforts to overturn the outcome of Georgia’s 2020 presidential election.

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, who is prosecuting Trump, said in late July that she had received racist threats ahead of her decision to bring charges against the former president.

Trump supporters last month also posted the names and addresses of members of the grand jury that voted to indict the former president on a fringe website that often features violent rhetoric.

Under Georgia law, the names of grand jurors are published as part of criminal indictments. State criminal trials in Georgia are also livestreamed online by state transparency laws. It was unclear as of Thursday whether the videotaped tests of Trump and his codefendants would include footage of individual jurors in the courtroom.

Prosecutors and FBI agents investigating President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, have also been subject to threats by people who believe law enforcement has not come down hard enough on the president’s son, NBC News reported this week.

Robert Hur, the Special Counsel tasked with investigating classified documents discovered at Biden’s home and his vice-presidential center, has been provided with an armed protective security detail.

According to government officials and congressional testimony, the exact details have been provided to Special Counsel Jack Smith and federal judges presiding over Smith’s two cases against Trump, in Florida and Washington.

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