Dyson to increase its hiring process internationally as it expands in Singapore

June 21, 2023: Dyson is famous for its consumer gadgets, like vacuum cleaners, hair styling products, and air purifiers, but it is breaking into a recent generation of products.

Recently established devices like its 360 Vis Nav robot vacuum boast “intelligent” features, which require software development, and the company has ramped up hiring to support those functions.

“We’ve seen a ten-fold increase in our engineers operating in software over the last years,” Dyson’s Chief Technology Officer John Churchill said. “We’re hunting for the greatest talent, from graduates of colleges to experienced people, to join us to pivot Dyson into more of a software world.”

The company is trying to hire another 2,000 engineers globally, according to Dyson’s director of upstream robotics, Kashyap Chandrasekar.

“Robotics and software are the largest pools of people we’re trying to hire,” he said.

Another Dyson device that garnered attention due to its futuristic look is the Dyson Zone headphones that double as a wearable purifier.

While the Zone has been criticized for its $999.99 price tag and bulky appearance, Churchill remained optimistic.

“With new products, we have a high selling price because there’s so much investment in that technology,” he said in an interview.

“The first generation of products is the stepping stone, in terms of the journey, and the products will continue to evolve.”

When asked about public health and access, Churchill said, “We’ll continue to look into how we can bring the cost down to make it available to more people.”

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