Digital Technology – Ruling the Oil and Gas Industry

The leap in digital technology in the last decade has streamlined the Oil and Gas industry, shaping the future that is cost-effective and highly efficient. Artificial Intelligence and Automation have taken up the roles of surveying, monitoring, planning, and improving safety. The offshore rig that is high-risk locations because of the adverse environmental conditions can be facilitated with robotics and the monitoring systems that are autonomous replacing humans and avoid risking the lives. There is research going on to develop self-learning submersible robots that will help in exploring the ocean with greater seep detection capabilities. There are also autonomous devices that can detect abnormal equipment activities such as malfunctioning or leakage, and carry out inspections day and night, and raise an alarm in case of emergency. There are also virtual assistance chatbots that can guide the customers the right product from millions of databases.

Even the details from the physical inspection can be entered into the digital system using a handheld device, the details can be automatically synchronized into a system with an active database that has access to the 3D representation device. The information that is entered can be in the form of photos, measurements, or location. The data analyzed in this will compare the reports with the preset limits and send a notification to the respective personnel as mentioned in the protocol.

Big data is used to operate the oil reservoirs by analyzing the data from the field, also in optimizing the submersible engines, using data from millions of log. There are portals whose machine learning algorithms can process the huge amount of data collected from the sensors, also the data from the environmental conditions that are crucial for performing the routine offshore tasks. The algorithms process and compare the current and the ideal performance data contained in the database, if in case there is a discrepancy in the current data then the portal automatically triggers the message to the technicians and the managers handling the departments who will, in turn, provide with a preventive measure or in case of any failures will recommend the replacement or up-gradation or an alternative way. Drilling and reservoir engineering are also very much dependent on the big data that is stored over the years during the various phase of development. Based on the billions of data that is analyzed new protocols are planned for the execution of every new project deleting the errors that were previously present. 


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