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Sarah-Mae Amde

Managing Director and CEO

Leadership is about people – impacting and shaping lives positively. To be an effective leader, one must genuinely desire to serve others. We require Servant Leaders in our world today – leadership that measures and prioritizes the conditions of the people before self. Whether you are a religious head, corporate leader, or political leader, the necessities and well-being of the people must be your utmost concern. Sarah-Mae Amde, Managing Director and CEO of Paragon Digital Consulting is one such leader who has the gift to help others uncover and leverage their unique talents and abilities in a way that inspires them to achieve things that they were always too afraid to attempt. Even as a child, she aspired to change policies that inadvertently caused suffering to the people that it was designed to empower and sought to find ways to change them.

Sarah-Mae is a devout follower of Christ with deeply held beliefs that have helped her become a pioneering and compassionate leader.Her faith has taught her to serve others, do what’s right in the best interest of the people they are called to serve, and ensure that the designed solutions enable leaders and teams to work together seamlessly.

Her approach is directly taken from the wisdom of the scripture, which emphasizes patience, having the expertise to get an organization to where they want to be, and communicating it in a way that is easy to understand for everyone participating. This foundation produces the results that help organizations transform successfully by identifying what’s needed and bringing teams along on the journey in a way that helps everyone equitably.

The 21st-century leader must make the most out of every situation. They are courageous and unafraid to brave the status quo and push the boundaries to improve things. Because of these differentiae and many others, the best executives know how to get the most out of individuals; they encourage the full potential in others. These words describe Sarah-Mae who understands that every individual is different, with their own set of backgrounds, values, cultural environments, influences, and views. She identifies and appreciates the distinctions one brings to the table and comprehends how to put them to full service. She is emotionally intelligent enough to connect the dots and the possibilities within each dot to promote full potential and steer them towards success.

Sarah-Mae explains that their clients reach new heights in ways that appear seamless to those who are watching, as she describes her process as helping leaders “unearth the depth of their potential, uncover the limiting beliefs that have hindered them, and understand the actions they can take to achieve great things.” Sarah-Mae advises business and finance leaders that there are ways to ensure that their transformations are successful and return an ROI in the first year, helping HR and People Leaders solve challenges with employee engagement and helping them create an organization of high-performing teams; and showing IT Leaders that natural change management is the difference between having the right solution that nobody wants versus having the business beg them to implement their ideas and solutions. She makes sure people leverage their strengths and shine bright in whatever path they are taking.

Armed with her passion for neuropsychology, economics, and trade this compliments Sarah-Mae’s specialization in computer science and business management that gives her a unique perspective when designing clear and practical strategies to innovate and guide executives to develop their brands as transformative leaders. Her methodology aims to discover and fully leverage the natural potential in a leader’s identity – those authentic skills and characteristics that allow them to unleash their distinction and executive presence to create the most impact and influence for their employees and the organization they serve.

No matter how much potential someone has, it remains dormant unless appropriately managed and adequately nourished with the right ingredients. A profound leader will always allow that potential to be noticed and maintain its momentum, and realizing the potential to its fullest often requires breaking through barriers and creating new paradigms. Sarah-Mae is not just guiding people to do their jobs better but to recreate their careers in their personalities – discovering new standards to increase productivity, sustainability, and opportunities to impact the bottom line.

Reminding herself of the gifts she gets to enjoy daily, Sarah-Mae lives each day with the motivation and responsibility that she is here to serve and inspire people to enhance themselves. She exemplifies the values and beliefs she holds dear, hiring great people, empowering leaders to help their teams, investing in learning and development equitably, and ensuring that her teams have the right tools and technologies. Still, more than anything, she shares with her groups the results they bring to clients.

With her background, interests, and passions, Sarah-Mae has a unique perspective on managing change effectively; and is genuinely delighted that she has been blessed with the gifts to serve her clients in a way that yields results and change that sustains. Owing to her unique ideology, she sees opportunities when others see limitations and possibilities when they see challenges and bring an optimistic pragmatism when they are pessimistic. This is a gift bestowed upon Sarah-Mae, and she shares it with everyone who wants to transform themselves.

Sarah-Mae’s vision is to serve those genuinely looking for real change. Some organizations are ok with the status quo. The industry is wrought with examples of companies that avoided shifts and, consequently, don’t exist today. But, for the companies, leaders, teams, and individuals who want to change but aren’t sure how they are the ones, Paragon Digital Consulting is here to help. Organizationally, they are working on embedding next-gen technologies into their framework to serve customers with the best technologies available. Sarah-Mae wants to continue serving her client partners, helping them navigate the ever-evolving digital marketplace. She consistently strives for excellence and believes solution design requires a customer-centric perspective and strategic change management.

"She is emotionally intelligent enough to connect the dots and the possibilities within each dot to promote full potential and steer them towards success. "

Sarah-Mae Amde

Managing Director and CEO

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