Cyber Warfare – Equipped with Artificial Intelligence


Cyber Warfare – Equipped with Artificial Intelligence :

AI enables the faster-operating systems, and the capability of AI is unpredictable. High-speed decision making by the AI-assisted system makes it safer and prevents potential issues that might malice the business. Already the applications like anti-phishing and email scanning are showing results, the spoofed emails that exhibit a particular pattern are traced by these applications in seconds, which is otherwise not possible manually in a given time. The emails that suspicious are detected, AI also determines if a website is genuine or hoax websites.

Machine learning that is a part of AI has a prominent role to play in controlling cybercrime based on data analysis. Based on the algorithms of the received data, ML guides the subsequent improvement required. The barrier between the cybercriminals and AI is Passwords. The important trend what most of the individuals follow a similar password for almost all the applications and transactions. Retaining the same password over the years, or maybe maintaining a draft of all the passwords in the device. All these make it easy for a cybercriminal to access the data easily. AI is used to develop biometric authentication. The AI architecture of this manner is reliable and, there is one in a million chances that the hacker can break the code.

Managing vulnerabilities is difficult with traditional technology. AI proactively scans for the potential vulnerabilities considering factors like patterns used by the hackers, discussion on the dark web, and much more. This analysis by the AI enables tacking threats even before it reaches the organizational information system. Use of AI to expedite the network security process capacitates observing and determining the traffic patterns in the network and suggests the security policy.

AI can carry out behavioral analytics and keep track of your login, password, sites visited, search tools and, generate algorithms of the behavioral pattern of the user, any change in the behavioral patterns, or login from a different IP address than the usual is notified to the user. The future of the AI is bright for the defense as well as to the hackers. It’s the choice of the weapon by an individual to either attack or defend. AI contributes to International Verification, for the nations that do not trust each other. Rather than beating around the bush AI, provides a clear report of after the verification of the incidents.


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