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Kim Sell
CEO at OBIX by Clinical Computer Systems

Today, the healthcare industry is seeing a challenge in the form of implementation of Clinical Decision Support\Surveillance and AI. Automation tools have always been the key to growth, quality and productivity improvement, however the rush to market and sell tools or rebrand products, can lead to problems the healthcare arena cannot accept. CCSI’s customers are leading organizations focused on OB, outcome improvement, and technology. “We are partnering with these organizations to develop tools that leave the caregivers in charge of care,  

not the technology,” says Kim C. Sell, President & CEO of CCSI.

Close to three decades ago, Kim started his journey in a customer service position with a company called Peritronics Medical, Inc and after gaining fundamental knowledge of the system and a reasonably good understanding of the customer’s experience, Clinical Computer Systems, Inc. (CCSI) was born. CCSI’s mission was to focus on providing a positive experience, and to deliver the technical skills needed to service the Peritronics product. After establishing a dedicated customer base, CCSI bought the assets and renamed the product OBIX Perinatal Data System and joined the domain of software companies. Over the next several years, CCSI began the rebuilding of the software platform with expert coders and engaging experienced OB clinicians. 

The OBIX system is a comprehensive, computerized application for central bedside and remote systems.  It is designed to provide high levels of reliability, scalability and performance through its modular features from surveillance and alerting, comprehensive charting, archiving, and interface capabilities.  The system’s robust architecture permits scaling to enterprises of different sizes.  “CCSI has a proven track record of successful implementations with various EHRs. Depending on the EHR, we offer integration that allows end-users to make updates to the patient record in either system while automatically updating in the other system, thereby maintaining the integrity of the electronic medical record,” adds Kim.

The OBIX system offers labor and delivery units of all sizes distinguished surveillance and archiving capabilities.  The documentation modules have been designed to complement clinical workflow throughout labor, delivery, and postpartum care for mother and baby.  The OBIX system offers enterprise-wide perinatal data access by integrating with other hospital systems.  The system’s decision support tools help clinicians enhance their practice, educate their staff, and promote patient safety in electronic fetal monitoring.  In an instance, a hospital in Fort Worth catering to a population of women with many factors contributing to high-risk pregnancies, called for a monitoring system that would seamlessly integrate to their EHR. Having the OBIX system gave their nurses the ability to chart and view patients’ information, but also have it populate into the flowsheet rows in the EHR to be able to review and know that it is the single source of truth. Today, in case of an emergency the nurse has the ability to click on the trace and enter in, as close to real-time, documentation that is captured in the EHR and in OBIX.

For the days to come there are several new products that CCSI will bring to the market to assist the customer base and open new opportunities. It is pertinent to mention, the OBIX Hosted Solution currently being offered to smaller organizations is a product and service that no one else in the industry and all this has been possible by adopting the latest technology and reinventing the product. “I have spent my entire career advancing the OBIX system and CCSI, taking many risks to get to where we are now, but not alone,” says Kim. “The dedication, perseverance and vision of the people around me working hard for our customers and with each other has brought us our success.”


Kim Sell

CEO at OBIX by Clinical Computer Systems

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