ComfortDelGro, a Gojek member, is attacking driver need as ride demand waves in Singapore

ComfortDelGro, a Gojek member, is attacking driver need as ride demand waves in Singapore

November 30, 2022: Singapore’s largest taxi operator, ComfortDelGro and ride-hailing app Gojek added that they would work together to tackle problems in the transportation industry, which include a shortage of private-hire drivers.

As part of a two-year collaboration, the company said they would explore letting users book ComfortDelGro’s taxis via the Gojek app.

ComfortDelGro operates a mixed caravan of regarding 9,000 Comfort and CityCab taxis.

Gojek-competitor Grab stands already offering SMRT Taxis as the standard taxi option in Singapore.

ComfortDelGro and Gojek expressed they will look into resources like “electric vehicle and ancillary payment opportunities, and support solutions such as insurance, driver movement and vehicle maintenance.”

Private hire and cab companies exist trying to attract drivers in Singapore to assemble passenger demand, increasing after the city-state lifted pandemic restrictions. Many drivers are leaving the industry in the pandemic as Covid measures hurt the market and increasing costs cut into margins. This directed to delaying times and high fares when Singapore reopened.

“By looking at how improving the fulfilment rates, we stand to improve driver welfare. Better fulfilment rates are translating to more revenue for drivers, which, in turn, will encourage vocational licence increase to consider that joins the P2P endeavour,” said ComfortDelGro private mobility CEO Jackson Chia in the press release.

Gojek Singapore’s general manager, Lien Choong Luen, added that the partnership is “a victory for all.”

″Combining our fleets permits us to better meet the rushed demand for rides and improve the availability of orders for drivers, increasing their revenue opportunities while simultaneously decreasing waiting times for passengers,” he said.

The joint statement added that additional details would be announced over the next few months.

In the previous week, Grab, and Gojek added that they are “supporting” the Singapore government’s move to materialise gig worker protection, which contains CPF assistance and injury compensation, beginning in 2024.

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