China courses to maintain recent Covid cases across the country

China courses to maintain recent Covid cases across the country

October 12, 2022: -The report pointed to the lockdown since October 4 of a famous tourist city in southern Yunnan province, Xinjiang’s ban on people leaving the region due to a local Covid outbreak, and a lockdown in the city of Haikou in Hainan province on October 6.

Nomura’s analysts stated that the seven-day moving average of locally transmitted Covid infections with symptoms doubled from 136 on October 1 to 305 on October 9.

On Monday, mainland China reported 427 new symptomatic Covid cases in more than 20 province-level areas. When adding infections without symptoms, the daily case count surpassed 2,000 and came from all 31 province-level parts.

Domestic tourism revenue during the visit this month, China’s last public holiday of the year, came in at 287.21 billion yuan ($40.45 billion), according to China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The ministry said that that was down from the previous year and remained well below 2019 levels.

However, online booking platform said nearly two-thirds of holiday orders were for nearby trips or staycations, for which spending increased by 30% per year.

Stringent virus testing conditions and the risk of not being able to return home have discouraged long-distance domestic travel on the mainland.

That differs with a surge of travel overseas as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea enclose entered other countries in relaxing quarantine and virus testing rules.

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