Women Leader May 2023

Strengthening International Relations | Dr. Mei Gechlik

Dr. Mei Gechlik founded Sinotalks LLC after an extensive career in academia and the think-tank world. She took this step because she saw the growing need for a trusted resource highlighting Chinese law and policy to help decision-makers find strategic solutions to problems affecting China and beyond.

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Guiding Leaders of Tomorrow | Hope Moore

Hope Moore, Founder & Executive Director, Make The Dash Count (MTDC), has a passion for giving back, which she attributes to the example set by her mother, Christine Wallett, who lived by the phrase “life is not a dress rehearsal.”

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Excelling with Grace | Dez Rock

Dez Rock’s greatest strength is always seeing the big picture. A startup requires a person who can always fight all fronts without losing perspective and making things personal; this is where she excels.

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Providing Quality of Life | Dana Lasenby

Dana Lasenby is on a mission to inspire hope, empower people and strengthen communities. She is doing this by being part of Oakland Community Health Network (OCHN), a provider service network that assists approximately 27,000 Oakland County

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Improving Quality of Life | Chizuko Koseki

Chizuko Koseki, CEO of TAGCyx Biotechnologies, is fascinated seeing how some innovative biotechnologies can help and improve people’s quality of life which makes her committed to challenging convincing people for fundraising,

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