Canadian Business Leader Edition November 2023

Healing People with Quality Products | Rick L. Schaly

Trainers Choice is a Canadian family-owned sports medicine brand with a 30-year legacy of quality and innovation in the sports medicine field. It began with the vision of an industry veteran who founded a chain of award-winning rehabilitation clinics whose products reflect a unique and synergistic collaboration among healthcare professionals.

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Leading with Determination & Commitment | Mitch McDermid

When Mitch McDermid launched Innovana, he had an evident vision of what he wanted the company to look like and what it could offer that was different from existing IT services and consulting firms. There was a clear need for a cloud-based services and business automation solutions provider that would address the needs of SMBs both from a pricing and service standpoint in Canada.

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The Pride of Ottawa | Martin Goertzen

In the last two decades soft washing has revolutionize the roof and exterior cleaning industry because it allows more carefully metered chemical cleaning solutions to be applied to building surfaces without the use of pressure, making it the most important change in the mobile exterior cleaning industry.

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An Innovative Thinker | Marina Charriere

Marina Charriere, CEO of Star Drug Testing Services, Star Drug Testing Services (Windsor Park), and First Defence Face Masks go hand in hand. Star is a drug and alcohol testing facility, and First D F M is a face mask company. One of Marina’s qualities that have transformed the organization is her openness to thinking out of the box.

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A Pioneer of Food Technology | Lejjy Gafour

Lejjy Gafour, CEO, CULT Food Science Corp. Lejjy is a self-taught entrepreneur and experienced company operator who made his start creating opportunities at the young age of 14, and he has been working, leading, and building businesses ever since.

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Creating Health, Happiness & Community Cohesion | Joan Kanigan

Joan Kanigan, CEO of the Western Development Museum (WDM), took an extraordinarily unique yet bold step as a leader in 2021. She initiated a 360o Performance Assessment to better understand how she was performing and where she needed to improve—all through an honest and critical feedback system to know where she was standing as a leader and a manager.

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A Fearless Leader | Garcia Hanson-Francis

Garcia Hanson-Francis is the owner of CADJPro Payroll Solutions. A business payroll, virtual outsourcing, and bookkeeping business. Garcia recently joined BACD’s Expert Network, and as such, we want to share their expertise with you. Her qualities include problem-solving, proficiency with industry software, communication with clients and employees.

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A Pioneer of Food Innovation | Charif Geara

Deforestation in many areas worldwide is becoming a significant issue in growing Cocoa trees. Cocoa, as we know it, is the main ingredient in making chocolate, and Chocolate-flavored products are by far the best sellers on the world market.

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The Transformative Solution Provider | Ben Thompson

Tridon Communications, founded in 1981 and currently led by Ben Thompson, CEO, Chad Tomachefski, CGO, and Greg Tolson, COO, is western Canada’s leading Telecommunications System Integrator (TSI). Tridon aims to address all aspects of telecommunication system requirements, including PTT land mobile radio, fiber optics, structured cable, access control, PTP wireless and microwave, tower construction and maintenance, cyber security, and more.

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