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Andy Mair


Andy Mair, MD, Challenger Solutions, has a combination of a positive attitude and keen commercial awareness reflected in strong proactive customer relationships. He is a determined leader with the vital ability to take the longer view, which can be seen in an emphasis on developing the management team and all staff. He has pioneered the transforming of the company and making it an industry leader.

Challenger Solutions is a Contract Electronics Manufacturing company specializing in complex PCB Assembly, offering extremely reliable surface mount and through-hole technologies solutions. The company has been providing customers with the best possible service, and aiming to surpass their expectations has been its ethos and the backbone of its strategy from day one. This is still their focus today — from a one-off rapid prototype to production batches of 1,000+ fully assembled PCBA units.

It provides high-quality and reliable electronics and information systems to a broad spectrum of industrial and commercial businesses in the UK, such as A&D, oil and gas, industrial controls, automotive, and communications. Having been involved in the A&D and homeland security sector for over three decades, Challenger has heavily invested in its equipment, methodologies, and supply chains, establishing its own A&D company. Positive customer experience and engagement are of great significance to Challenger. Whether it’s an existing or new customer, the company dives deep into its motivations, requisites, and goals, offering its expertise during development phases.

Challenger’s engineering and test teams engage with clients and comprehend their requirements at the early stages of development. This is followed by the design and manufacturing processes, where the teams conduct thorough testing, examine the first-built product, and incorporate DFM for manufacturability. The teams then produce a first article inspection report for the client’s quality assurance departments, comprehensively addressing critical aspects of the build and supply chain.

The company supports clients with an efficient supply chain that ensures the incorporation of readily available and technically supported devices and develops processes that assure quality and repeatability in assembly. Challenger Solutions is an open book and provides fully costed BOMs at both the quotation and purchasing stages while sharing details of ECC numbers and other critical information. Challenger provides its customers with the information they need to present to their clients or MOD. Housing twelve interchangeable SMT machines, the company offers solutions that enable rapid prototyping and total economic production swiftly and efficiently. The final products are examined and verified by practical automated inspection and testing methods, ensuring that the client’s products are delivered to the highest quality.

Andy has a crucial part to play in offering the best solution with an open management style that makes clients and suppliers want to do business with them repeatedly. For Andy, “Success is not found; you must work at it effectively. It’s always a team effort at Challenger; all I can do is play my part. For me, success is happy clients, a content workforce, and the resultant profitable company.” For the road ahead, Andy and his team will continue to be involved in the transformation using portals or shared data devices for communication and interaction where applicable. “We will always look to the future and what else can be achieved.

Our company will continue to develop processes that help meet the increasing client needs and technological challenges. The future is bright, and Challenger wants to lead the way in the future into 2024 and beyond,” elucidates Andy. “Over the past five years, we have invested in buildings, great staff, and infrastructure. In the future, we plan to continue expanding while enjoying the journey and building on that investment.”

" For me, success is happy clients, a content workforce, and the resultant profitable company. "

Andy Mair


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