Automated Employee Onboarding the future of HR


Onboarding new workers remotely in this pandemic is the task for many companies that need to hire creative staff. The first step in this can be the automation of the process. Automation minimizes the paperwork and enables us to capture all the information of new joiners. When we hire a new employee, the automation helps us to channel them to the required roles and responsibilities. For the respective department, each channel prescribes necessary document updating also has the provision to interact with the Team to sort their queries.

The chatbot will introduce the new employee to the company within a few rounds of questionnaires. The automation software enables the introduction of the hires and the existing employees. The hires also must take care of all the documents available handy for upload. Hence before logging, it is better to keep all the documents uploaded in the cloud, so the process of application will be much efficient and quite less time-consuming.

Few companies before the pandemic, the hires for onboarding and training flew out of the headquarters. Post pandemic entire process will be driven online. To make the onboards feel that they are part of the system, the organization also shares the onboard kit along with the online training through the company portal. Online training of the hires and the other employees.

Also, for the regular company meetings, there is a need for the portals that are familiar and user friendly. In this crisis where the business is stagnant, the companies prefer user-friendly software that still gives the scope for the developers to plan and launch the affordable portal. Associating with the proprietary niche will make it difficult for the employees to get acclimatized to the software, in turn, slows down the learning process and the organizational activity. 

Though the hiring process is online, the company has to put an effort to show the office to the hires via video call. The company can also put up pictures so that the hire is familiar with the office premise. This attempt also keeps the hires aware of the work culture. This articulation needs immense support from the creative and the IT Team to make the hires feel comfortable and ensure that they have chosen the right organization. The companies which provide laptops to employees in this pandemic have come up with an idea for the seamless onboard experience soon as they boot the system for the first time, with videos of the employees working at the company. 


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