An Impactful Leader | Madeline Masterson

An Impactful Leader | Madeline Masterson

Madeline Masterson


What does it take to transform a company into an ecosystem of independent thinkers working together to achieve the best outcome for the clients? The answer to this question lies in personable leadership.

Striving to give each team member a balanced workload that encourages time for each member to focus on growth opportunities for their clients is a unique approach followed by Madeline Masterson, President of The Master Agency. Madeline believes that creative strategies and solutions are naturally formed from this sustainable structure which empowers people to think big. Additionally, her emphasis on organized and streamlined processes and SOPs ensure swift onboarding and that there is always a single source of truth. This helps provide repeatable systems which encourage confident, autonomous decision-making.

In short, the Madeline is a Seattle Native and a San Diego transplant. She has had the opportunity to live in the most beautiful ecosystems from graduating Saint Leonard’s Private College with honors in Australia to then pursuing education at Western Washington University, where she received her BA.

With Amazon in her backyard as a Washington State native, it was only natural she spent time as an Amazonian.

After several years working within Amazon’s intellectual property rights department, brand protection, and general seller performance teams, she embarked on her career in the private sector. Madeline relocated to San Diego and began developing her private sector marketing and consulting specialties for 3rd party sellers/manufacturers seeking expertise within her wheelhouse.

Her philosophy has always been to bring a professional but personal approach to every client The Agency contracts while maintaining the highest level of deliverables for the client.

In short, she limits the number of clients The Agency is to engage with at any given time in order to deliver the most efficient and effective client experience as a marketing and consulting firm. She and the team are dedicated to properly helping and advising sellers with honest and candid advice based on in-depth knowledge and specialization of Amazon’s complex ecosystem and marketplace. Her scope of expertise spans from vetting warehouse and logistics providers to PPC marketing to product development and innovation.

Building a Company

TMA is the premier partner for brands looking to maximize their Amazon + e-commerce sales. They have balance, and carefully select the clients they work with, hire early and emphasize training. This is their most outstanding achievement because they accomplish what they set out to do; give each client the boutique service they expect without overloading those doing the work. It is pertinent to mention that under the aegis of Madeline, the team members consistently produce their best work sustainably and flexibly.

The company carefully tracks KPIs internally and to the clients. “Analytics are extremely important to us and every decision we make is a data-based decision. One of our biggest value adds to our clients is our ability to read data and track the KPIs that matter to help make lasting improvements to all those we support,” explains Madeline. “The company will grow and diversify. TMA is always on the cutting edge of the e-commerce and Amazon frontier. As the frontier keeps expanding TMA will find new and creative solutions to help incubate brands.”

TMA is an Amazon-focused e-commerce agency. They partner with brands of all sizes to help them achieve lasting success on Amazon. “We’re long term partners and strategists, always on the cutting edge of Amazon’s programs, advertising strategies, and policies and their applications to all Amazon categories,” adds Madeline.

Overcoming Obstacles & Becoming a Mentor

During Madeline’s early days she had to overcome numerous obstacles in order to culminate into a strong leader. Although her performance exceeded the male peers who were invited to meetings and projects, she was not invited to the table. She took it upon herself to simply showing up for meetings and projects, and work until the company recognized her value and promote her to a position of importance. “This opened the door to future projects and gave me the visibility to Leadership that I needed to advance at Amazon.”

TMA is women-owned and is naturally surrounded by female entrepreneurs. It began from a close mentorship relationship and is now leading by example in an industry where most Amazon agencies are male-owned. The company is fortunate to partner with other female-owned brands, sharing professional experiences as well as identifying as their target demographic, giving insight to advertising opportunities.

In addition to her passion for deep work and ownership, she encourages those working at TMA to practice deep work by scheduling time to practice their flow state in work. Flow state and deep work have allowed the team the freedom to explore their creativity in their roles and encourage out-of-the-box problem-solving. Regular access to this kind of thinking empowers team members to have practiced autonomous time as well as collaborative teamwork. These two skills combined are the backbone of leadership and visionary planning. “We also give our team access to upskill workshops and memberships so that they can help bring new efficiencies to the company,” says Madeline.

It took the better part of her 20s for Madeline’s path to become clear. By the end of her 20s, she had amassed enough knowledge of e-commerce to be able to stand on her own in her field. Since then, the focus has been on growth in the company! “If I could give advice, I would say never to underestimate the value of your time. Don’t waste time just hoping someone will throw you an opportunity, go create one. I’ve learned that I do not have to cover up being female to be successful. If my work speaks for itself, then it does not matter what my gender is or how I express that,” elucidates Madeline. Armed with this unique ideology, she has taken the company to new heights.

Madeline Masterson Award

"If my work speaks for itself, then it does not matter what my gender is or how I express that. "

Madeline Masterson


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