Aluminium Bahrain Reshuffles Marketing Ranks, Appointing Acting Chief Officer

Aluminium Bahrain B.S.C. (Alba), a globally recognized player in the aluminum smelting industry, has announced a strategic shift in its marketing leadership, with the appointment of Hisham Alkooheji as Acting Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) effective February 1, 2024. This move follows the departure of the current CMO, Khalid A. Latif, and signifies a new direction for Alba’s marketing efforts.

Alkooheji brings extensive experience and expertise to the role, having served Alba in various capacities for over a decade. His prior position as Head of Compliance and Pricing-Marketing honed his skills in market analysis, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement, qualities deemed crucial for navigating the increasingly dynamic aluminum landscape.

This appointment aligns with Alba’s commitment to fostering internal talent development and promoting Bahraini nationals into senior leadership positions. Alkooheji’s deep understanding of the company’s culture and operations positions him well to seamlessly transition into the CMO role and build upon the existing marketing successes.

Alkooheji’s immediate priorities will encompass solidifying Alba’s brand presence within the global aluminum market, identifying new avenues for market expansion, and optimizing existing marketing channels to maximize reach and engagement. Additionally, he is expected to leverage his compliance expertise to ensure all marketing activities adhere to relevant regulations and industry best practices.

Khalid A. Latif’s departure is marked with gratitude for his significant contributions to Alba’s marketing strategy during his tenure. His achievements include solidifying brand recognition, fostering key partnerships, and contributing to the company’s growth. He leaves behind a strong foundation upon which Alkooheji can build.

The leadership transition at Alba’s marketing helm is pivotal for the aluminum industry. Global economic fluctuations and evolving environmental considerations necessitate agile and strategic marketing approaches. Alkooheji’s appointment and Alba’s unwavering commitment to innovation and sustainability suggest the company is well-positioned to adapt and thrive in the dynamic market landscape.

Hisham Alkooheji’s leadership will be closely watched as he steers Alba’s marketing strategy towards new horizons in the coming months. His ability to capitalize on his extensive experience, navigate industry challenges, and leverage existing brand strengths will be key determinants of Alba’s continued success in the global aluminum market.

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