Advisor Team with $525M AUM Joins Ameriprise for Independence and Client Focus

Pacific Crest Planning, a wealth management group overseeing over $525 million in client assets, has transitioned from RBC Capital Markets to Ameriprise Financial’s independent advisor channel. This strategic shift, motivated by a desire for increased autonomy and a client-centric approach, underscores significant trends within the financial services industry.

Led by Ryan Sullivan, CFP®, CLU®, ChFC®, the Pacific Crest team comprises experienced professionals, including private wealth advisor Kyle Blodgett, CFP®, financial advisors Niles Gale and Landra Macy, and four support staff members. Their decision to join Ameriprise stems from a long-standing vision of greater independence and flexibility in serving their clientele.

Sullivan emphasizes this pursuit of autonomy, stating, “We sought greater control over how we run our practice and cater to our client’s needs. Ameriprise provided the ideal platform for achieving this independence while aligning with a firm demonstrably committed to client-centricity.”

Beyond independence, the team was drawn to Ameriprise’s established culture of prioritizing clients. Blodgett highlights this factor: “We were impressed by Ameriprise’s unwavering focus on comprehensive financial planning. This enables us to offer our clients a more robust and confidence-inspiring experience, providing clarity regarding their financial futures.”

Pacific Crest Planning’s move reflects a broader trend within the wealth management industry, where advisors increasingly seek platforms that empower them to tailor their services to specific client needs while leveraging robust resources and support structures. Ameriprise’s commitment to these principles resonated with the team, solidifying their decision to join the firm.

Looking ahead, Sullivan expresses optimism for the future: “We are excited to partner with a firm that shares our growth aspirations and provides the tools and resources to achieve them. We are confident that this move will enable us to provide even greater value to our clients and solidify our long-term success.”

The Pacific Crest team’s transition to Ameriprise marks a significant development, underscoring the increasing demand for personalized, client-centric wealth management solutions within a flexible and autonomous framework. This move exemplifies a broader shift within the industry, highlighting the evolving preferences of both advisors and clients in a dynamic financial landscape.

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