Advanced Oil Rigs- Technology is the Reason


Advanced Oil Rigs- Technology is the Reason:

The deep-water oil rig is the technological advancement with facility for deepest moored floating oil and gas production which is a semi-submersible design integrated with offshore drilling units that are mobile and operate remotely. This pattern can produce 200,000 barrels of oil per day and is also capable of managing wet-tree subsea wells. There are platforms which have seismic protection system; this platform can withstand an earthquake up to 9.0 reading in Richter magnitude and also Tsunami up to 18 meters. Also, the platform can function in subarctic conditions the entire day.

Some platforms are which stand tall and extend across the sea bed, these are also further divided into modules that have their respective functionality, to list a few the platform includes a bay, drilling unit, power unit, and the processor. Extending its wings the platform supports the green technology, generates its power along with the desalination of seawater making it suitable for drinking. The production ability is around 100,00 barrels per day.

Robotics is driving the rigs in some parts of the world leaping the next level in the oil and gas industry. The robotics enables the crew members in the rig to move the pipelines in and out of the ground level through the joystick. The pressure and depth in the wells are constantly on the display enabling the crew members to operate remotely whenever there is a need. The sub-sea rigs have led to the complete automation of the rigs at many places. The technology here is directly linked to the shore.  Sub-sea technology makes the installation of export pipelines much easier, which is cost-effective concerning extraction; this paves the way to efficient deep-water extraction.

4D seismic technology enables the management of reservoir decisions. This technology not only makes the decision making easier but helps in monitoring the movement of the fluid across the reservoir, also monitoring the drained and undrained units in the reservoir. Prediction of the production duration and quantity is efficient under this sector of technology advancement. Jack up rigs extend across and deeper by 500ft, it has well-built automated drill floor technology that works without any manpower assistance in the remote areas and carries out drilling and tripping on its own. With the rising demand, this technology efficiently meets the production targets at a lower cost and reduced risks.

All my life I have been hearing that the oil was going to run out. It never happens. They keep discovering new oil fields. The world is apparently floating in oil fields.-Jane Jacobs.


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