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David Indursky


Innovative leaders are those who can create exceptional, innovative teams. As per a study conducted by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, highly innovative leaders display excellent strategic vision, have a robust customer focus, build a climate of reciprocal trust, show fearless loyalty to doing what’s suitable for the organization and customer, and put their faith in a culture that magnifies upward communication. These qualities describe David Indursky, President and innovative leader of New Jersey’s premier building solutions firm, Encon.

David believes in combining traditional business thinking with a creative mindset. He usually relies on research and logic alongside his intuition and creativity to develop policies, strategies, and products or services that can help the business grow. He has put his entire being to work from very early days, leading the organization towards productivity. 

David is part of not only the foundation of the company but also every employee’s life. He genuinely excels at leadership because he has done the work to continually hone his skills and build learning and development into solid habits.

The pioneering leader, David, has a unique ability to communicate in all directions, highlighting the importance of each team member and ensuring everyone is aware and involved. He has also been carrying the torch of the company’s vision, generating awareness and enthusiasm. He has the capability to empathize with others, from the end customer or customers to his team members, always looking for disconnects between the organization and the target audience, allowing him to empathize with the customer’s needs and identify ways to improve the offering to accommodate those needs better.

But for David, success was not overnight; instead, he emphasized continuous learning and sharpening his ability to move a project forward and develop creative concepts, harnessing a wealth of knowledge passed on to those in need.

A People’s Leader

Upon talking to David, one cannot ignore that he is a people leader, extremely focused on the team and spending time building relationships with team members, coaching employees to reach their complete potential, and aligning teammates toward a shared goal. He has been influential in motivating employees to do their best work and feel engaged at work by positively influencing the lives of individual co-workers and those within the community.

According to Harvard Business Review, to lead well, one must be able to connect, motivate, and enlighten a sense of ownership of common objectives. And for David, this has been a personal mantra. “Rather than hoping in hopelessness for a magic tool to come along to aid you in managing your team, think of creating practices to enhance your leadership proficiency,” says David, advising every leader in the industry. “This involves taking an idea or research finding and translating it into behaviors you can repeat systematically to create the desired result. Becoming a people’s leader requires focusing on the team, building relationships with colleagues, coaching employees to reach their full potential, aligning teammates toward a common goal, and continuously developing oneself as a leader.”

Armed with this mindset, David has been taking the company to new heights. Encon started more than 50 years ago with a single humidifier installation and now features multiple divisions: Design/Engineering, Build, Connect, Maintain, Electrical Power Wiring & Systems. The core mission to create systems that help buildings run more efficiently and more comfortably remains Encon’s guiding principle. Encon services industrial and commercial buildings, including Class A office buildings, schools, factories, surgical and medical facilities, and highly sophisticated clean rooms requiring special atmospheric conditions.

Their solutions and holistic approach improve employee comfort and morale while lowering operating costs, saving owners thousands of dollars in the long run. Serving NJ since 1968, Encon is an award-winning 2nd generation family business. Encon built a legacy of trust, client care, collaboration, safety, and industry leadership in its first 50 years. It’s taking its evolving heritage and modernizing for the next 50 years of positive growth. Serving the diverse needs of everything from historical landmarks such as Thomas Edison’s home and laboratory to environments where parts of the Hubble Telescope and Space Shuttle components were made, Encon has the solution to any heating, cooling, environmental, and control problems. Encon provides peace of mind to its customers while consistently providing the best-in-class service.

Building A Great Future with Employees

Training is an essential part of employee development that can help improve performance and efficiency in the workplace, and David ensures that every employee gets the proper training at the right time. “Training is essential in offering employees the opportunity to expand their knowledge base and develop their job skills, making them more effective in their roles,” explains David. “There are several reasons employers should initiate employee training programs. Firstly, training helps expand the knowledge and skills of employees to match the different changes in the industry, which can positively affect productivity and efficiency.”

He states that training programs can be organized for staff members to help satisfy specific requirements identified during performance appraisals and help prepare employees to move into higher positions and take on more organizational responsibilities. For David, implementing training programs in the workplace has helped employees feel like the company has invested in them, improving their morale and workplace capabilities. “If the team makes a mistake, they pick up the ball and don’t back away – we stay until it’s done or come back and fix it,” he adds. “With this aim, we are building relationships with clients, trying to be their go-to solution provider.”

For the days to come, David and his team want to continue enhancing themselves and the company. “We see ourselves culminating as a leader in the industry – both in the use of technology and growing the team, giving the team the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. We have several examples of our team evolving from drivers to senior managers. Working with customers that appreciate the value of our partnership,” concludes David.

" Becoming a people’s leader requires focusing on the team, building relationships with colleagues, coaching employees to reach their full potential, aligning teammates toward a common goal, and continuously developing oneself as a leader. "

David Indursky


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