A source says that Microsoft will let companies create their custom versions of ChatGPT

February 9, 2023: Microsoft plans to release software to help considerable companies create chatbots similar to ChatGPT.

Two months after the startup OpenAI released ChatGPT to the people, it has become a hit, which brands people with its ability to spit out things on a wide variety of topics in many styles. UBS analysts said it’s on track to hit 100 million monthly active people more quickly than the video-sharing app TikTok.

Microsoft is willing to capitalize on the attention in multiple ways. The firm provides the cloud-computing back end for ChatGPT, and in January, Microsoft stated that it had invested billions of dollars in OpenAI. Microsoft is working to incorporate OpenAI technologies into its products. On Tuesday, Microsoft stated that it is augmenting Bing, its hunt engine, and Edge, its internet browser, with ChatGPT-such as technology.

In addition, Microsoft is planning to announce technology for companies, schools and administration to create their bots with ChatGPT, according to a spokesperson, questioning not to be named while talking about private plans. The person said that Microsoft imagines supporting clients to launch new chatbots or refine their existing ones with the latest technology. This could suggest responses for call-centre agents to use during customer service conversations.

The artificial intelligence model of ChatGPT cannot provide concrete answers about anything after 2021 because it has yet to be trained on the latest information. But Microsoft thinks chatbots launched with its firm ChatGPT service to contain up-to-date talks, the person stated.

ChatGPT has been costly for OpenAI to operate. Each chat costs “single-digit cents,” CEO Sam Altman stated in a December tweet, suggesting that serving conversations to 100 million people monthly could cost millions of dollars. Like other cloud infrastructure providers, Microsoft minds customer spending and is not wanting the service to cost clients consequential sums more than they had imagined. The person said that the tech firm plans to give customers tools for estimating and limiting spending.

Microsoft is discussing letting enterprise customers display a customized message before talking with their chatbots, similar to how the recent Bing will display a welcome screen that shows it can respond to complex questions and provide information.

In addition, Microsoft is giving customers ways to upload their data and refine the voice of their chatbots. The person said that it intends to let customers replace Microsoft and OpenAI branding.

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