European Space Agency is expecting to get SpaceX to trade Russian missiles

A Russian missile trade is expected with SpaceX

August 15, 2022: -The European Space Agency (ESA) has started preliminary technical discussions with SpaceX that could lead to the temporary use of its launchers following the Ukraine conflict, which is blocking Western allowance to Soyuz rockets of Russia.

The private American competitor to Arianespace has appeared as a critical contender to fill a temporary gap alongside Japan and India. However, final decisions depend on the timetable for Europe’s delayed Ariane 6 rocket.

“I would say there are two and a half options that we’re examining. One is SpaceX, which is clear. One is possibly Japan,” ESA Director General Josef Aschbacher stated to Reuters.

“Japan is waiting for the inaugural flight of its next-generation rocket. Another option could be India,” he said.

“SpaceX, I would tell, is the operator of those and certainly one of the backup launches we are looking at.” Aschbacher said talks remained at an exploratory phase, and any backup solution would be quick.

“We, of course, must ensure they are suitable. For example, the interface between satellite and launcher must be suitable, and unfamiliar types of launch pulse must not compromise the payload. It’s not like jumping on a bus,” he said.

“We are looking into this technical compatibility, but we have not yet asked for a commercial offer. We want to make sure that it would be an option to decide on asking for a muscular commercial offer,” Aschbacher said.

The political fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has already been a boon for SpaceX’s Falcon 9, which contains swept up other customers severing ties with Moscow’s increasingly isolated space sector.

Satellite internet firm OneWeb, a competition to SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet venture, booked at least one Falcon 9 launch in March. It has also secured an Indian launch.

On Monday, Northrop Grumman confirmed three Falcon 9 missions to ferry NASA payload to the International Space Station. At the same time, it is designing a recent performance of its Antares rocket, whose Russian-made machines were withdrawn by Moscow in response to sanctions.

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