A Passionate Connoisseur

Claudio Martins
Founder of Martins Wine Advisor

Cláudio Martins, Founder of Martins Wine Advisor has a great depth of experience on all sides of the wine world, combined with a passion for connoisseurship and a playful spirit. He is a master of talking to his clients about wine in a disruptive and engaging manner, making it accessible and unintimidating, whilst never abandoning his finesse, dedication, and commitment to luxury. Born and raised in the Dão region of Portugal, one of the oldest winemaking regions in the world, Cláudio is passionate about the wines of his native country. He is working to position Portugal as a brand in the world of fine wines. He recognizes the quality is already there and is driven to ensure that the Portuguese wines that fine wine category get the global recognition they deserve. His approach encompasses marketing and communication to give 

these wines a voice. Claudio also works alongside winemakers, to develop more refined products tailored to his understanding of the international marketplace.

Since the beginning, Martins Wine Advisor has met a need for top-tier wine advising for the private cellars, yachts, and jets of royal families and prestigious companies, providing those services in a relaxed and enjoyable way. More recently, the company has begun addressing the lack of offer in the market for individuals who wish to do deeper into wine as a way of life. Its new luxury real wine estate services include everything that a potential investor might need,from finding the perfect property and handling all of the paperwork to developing the full business and marketing plan.

According to Cláudio, “One of the greatest pleasures of wine is that the more you learn and are exposed to it, the better it gets. This is absolutely true.” He adds, “In every bottle, there is a lot of involvement of culture, geography, history, and families. There is a lot of deepness and many things to think about in every bottle of wine. The more you open, the most curious and engaged you become.”

Martins Wine Advisor helps its clients on the wine-producing side by teaching and guiding them on all aspects of entering new markets, including analysis of a region’s type of consumption and preferred tastes. This detailed knowledge comes from Cláudio himself, who has worked “on different sides of the barricade” between wine producer, seller and buyer, but also from his international team at Martins Wine Advisor, all of whom have more than 40 years of global experience.

An example of recent work would be a group of wine enthusiasts from Russia, who previously been using different suppliers to meet their needs, such as procuring specific wines and arranging travel to visit the world’s top wineries. Martins Wine Advisor took over all aspects of this group’s programming, centralizing all aspects of their wine lifestyle from A to Z, bringing much-needed consistency and lowering costs significantly. While the Russia project was a noteworthy one, Cláudio says his biggest achievement is the success of his clients, meaning knowing that they will never be stressed when looking for, storing or sharing wine. Martins Wine Advisor takes the revolutionary approach of being available 24-7 to make life easier for the families and organizations that are clients.

Martins Wine Advisor’s real wine estate is an encyclopedic service for people who want to invest in the wine industry and buy their own property. Cláudio and his team handle all aspects of the process, from scouting properties anywhere in the world, managing all the legal aspects, overseeing operations, hiring top oenologists, marketing, and wine tourism. They have as much or as little involvement as a client wants, and each suite of services is bespoke. The steadfast leader has been transforming this industry with zeal and enthusiasm and guides the future leaders to be patient, be active, and be professional. “Never give up. Make sure your dreams are not just dreams—make them happen. Always pay attention to detail. Anyone can sell a bottle of wine once. It’s important to have a dedicated, detail oriented service if you want to make sure you sell it twice,” says Cláudio.


“ One of the greatest pleasures of wine is that the more you learn and are exposed to it, the better it gets. ”

Claudio Martins

Founder of Martins Wine Advisor

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