A Force of Strength & Intention | Amanda Johnson

Amanda Johnson

Chief Executive Officer

Amanda’s leadership throughout her tenure at Beacon is seen in every aspect of the organization — not just the strategic focus one would expect from a CEO, but a hands-on style of leadership—overseeing the implementation of new software systems, service lines and championing the recent renovation and workflow of Beacon’s new 25,000 square feet headquarters in Anchorage, Alaska.

Her 13 years of experience at Beacon has given her in-depth knowledge of all operational facets, resulting in her promotion to COO before being named CEO in 2021. Leading by example exemplifies Amanda’s hands-on approach to building teams that share a common goal of supporting Beacon’s core values of Rock Star Customer Service, Operational Excellence and Having Fun.

She has become certified as a subject matter expert in Beacon’s many diverse services and has in-depth knowledge of client operations, regularly visiting all Beacon clinics and remote sites. Her focus on human factors has grown teams that excel in their skill sets and have organically grown professionals that are now leaders in their field.

Amanda firmly believes that being good in business means playing a leading role in the community and always having an open door.

Amanda takes a personal interest in Beacon team members. She knows that in this dynamic service industry, a critical customer to Beacon’s success is its team. She recognizes that Beacon’s team members are the organization’s greatest asset and that to take care of business, we must first take care of our team members. She says, “If you can create passion around the mission of the company, you will create success. As Beacon continues the evolution from a privately held single operating entity to a company of International SOS—a privately held, internationally owned organization operating in more than 90 countries—it is most important to remain committed and focused on our team as well as the company’s core values, mission and core services.”

Becoming A Leader

Amanda joined Beacon in 2010 after 14 years of working in Indiana within the managed care and hospital environment. The move to Alaska and the unique challenges to support clinical operations (occupational, primary care, acute and emergent medicine) across Alaska presented an inspiring adventure and learning opportunity. Beacon has operated for nearly 23 years with a keen focus on critical infrastructure; the dynamics of healthcare in extremely remote arctic conditions and high-risk work areas presented many new and unexpected challenges that were motivational as an incoming leader. Beacon’s fierce and passionate team continues to inspire Amanda to invest further in the company, team, and her career. Amanda says, “As you set your sights on leadership opportunities always push yourself to the point of nervousness; this determination to move outside your comfort zone will set the tone for your future growth and maximize your potential.”

Amanda has embraced healthcare leadership throughout her career; the ever-changing dynamics of healthcare, the passionate and team-oriented atmosphere, and the opportunity to make an impact on the lives of others are a few of the most important motivators. When asked to describe her leadership style, Amanda responds, “As a leader I strive to lead by example, carry ‘servant-leadership’ qualities with me throughout the day, and roll-up my sleeves to work alongside the team as often as possible. This approach fosters an interactive, transparent, and highly effective team environment where everyone can thrive. The simple truth is we all lead differently. I would encourage every leader to embrace a vast diversity of leadership styles and perspectives to maximize personal and professional growth.  I continue to challenge myself to give back and to be a valued mentor to the next generation of leaders.”

Amanda has been inspired by many over the year—family, friends, coaches, teachers, and professional mentors. The common theme that each has taught Amanda is that outcomes are based on attitude and mindset. Amanda’s steadfast leadership approach is faith, passion, optimism, determination, resilience, and integrity. Further expanding on those who have contributed to her success, Amanda explains, “The number of individuals who have taken a vested interest in me, held me accountable and encouraged me have truly been foundational in my servant-leadership approach. Success should be measured by what you create for others—not just what you create for yourself. As a leader I strive to lead by example, live BIG and give often.”

Looking towards the Future

A trend across all industries is the growing importance of mental health and wellness programs in the workplace; Beacon and its partner clients are no exception. “We know that employees who are mentally and emotionally well are more productive, engaged, and resilient.” Amanda states, “At Beacon, we are continually working to implement new technologies to improve access to all of our range of services and care solutions to enhance the employee, client and patient experience.”

Beacon, alongside International SOS, is focused on enhancing solutions and expanding its market reach while staying focused on core services and clients. Amanda outlined this goal with the following comments: “To achieve this, it is essential to remain focused on building inclusive and collaborative work environments and partnerships with clients.”

Beacon has focused on occupational and emergency medical services for over 22 years. The response to the global pandemic in 2020 vastly demonstrated Beacon’s revolutionary approach to meeting the needs of our long-standing clients and the community in which Beacon serves. Recalling this endeavor, Amanda said, “Beacon is agile. We can respond quickly and customize turn-key solutions that are scalable and dynamic. Beacon proactively pivoted to prepare our clients for the COVID-19 pandemic when there were more unknowns than knowns. Additionally, Beacon continued to be a key partner and we were honored to play a crucial role for our many clients and the State of Alaska in keeping the critical infrastructure of our state safe during a time of great unrest and countless operational challenges. I firmly believe the renewed focus on our core-business offerings, the lessons learned, and accomplishments achieved during the last three years will further set Beacon apart and guide us into the future.”

A Force of Strength & Intention | Amanda Johnson

" Success should be measured by what you create for others—not just what you create for yourself. As a leader I strive to lead by example, live BIG and give often. "

Garry Sangha

Chief Executive Officer

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